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Marcus "Merlin" Hinds 🧙‍♂️


A guide, a wizard and a Mage. His “WHY” and life’s true purpose is to cause 10 million dreams to be fulfilled in this life, while creating an amazing family of his own along the journey.

He designs homes, geometric living structures, nomadic businesses that work without having to be physically there. He is semi-retired from real estate and investing. He is passionate and dedicated to creating an ecovillage that is self sustainable and offers master and apprentice opportunity’s.

He believes that everyone willing to earn a home of their own should have one . His passion is offering transformational paradigm shifting workshops, events and retreats that have you leave a different creation of the you that walked in. He has studied level 3 Zen Buddhism, worked with a reiki Master from India, mastered Forgiveness, studied 4 years with landMark education, WimHoff, and TransMeditation.
He brings his inner child pure, fun “Peter Pan” like vibes to the inner work that helps create the outer world we seek with ease.



Talia Sol

Transformational Coach & Healer , influencer, Medicine - Woman, HeartRepreneur, Musician, Modern Shamanizm practitioner, Ceremonialist, Earth Keeper, Nature Lover,  Traveller, Artist, Love . 

Accompanied people in processes of personal development, awakening, healing, empowerment and spiritual fulfillment. Cultivating the connection to one's "Higher Self", To Enjoy the process of creating life of Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Laughter, Abundance, Unity, Authenticity, Sovereignty, Balance and more. 

Combining different methods, Releasing subconscious limiting beliefs, healing past traumas and reprograming a higher state of consciousness with Love. 

In her work she combines various tools that she is certified from the worlds of Shamanism, Theta Helling, NLP, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Kabbalah, Channeling, Authentic Relating, Pranic Healing, Access Bars, Reiki, Breath work, Inner Dance, Art, Meditation, Sales and Creation of Abundance in a holistic way.

Talia Sol is a Free spirit, has travelled the world for 8 years, and already 11 years living as a world citizen, walking the path of the heart, Manifesting constantly the life of her dreams.

Her indigenous name is "Dancing Heart". Her background is Art and Design, 

Today Living her Art passionately through her Heart , Creating healing medicine ceremonies and transformational experiences of many kinds, as well as original music, writing, poetry, retreats, painting , graphic designing, modeling, entrepreneurship.

co createding projects for the blossoming of humanity and the New Earth. In service to mother earth.

Living in Costa Rica with her Beloved Helios, among a beautiful soul family of New Earth Leaders.


Ticon Storay

In college, Ticon studied finance and economics. After learning the shocking reality of fiat currencies, he realized that no matter how much money anyone has, it does not guarantee them anything in this world. This discovery, coupled with his love for nature, fueled his passion for homesteading, especially working with soil, plants, and people to support planetary healing. This led to the creation of the Open Source Nomadic Community Model, a deep passion of his.

Ticon loves sharing this passion with whoever is interested. He is amazed and inspired by the ability of ecosystems to produce energy abundance in the form of leaves, fruits, veggies, seeds, wood, and much more. He believes it is our destiny to return to the natural balance that results in abundance for all life.

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We Love you all 
& see you soon, 

"Find Your Why" Family.
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