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The Vision Quest

July 12th to 23rd 2024 
Jan 31st to Feb 12 th 2025 
March 17th to 28 th 2025

Meet the Creator

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Welcome To Your Initiation Retreat

This is an experience created to guide you to forgiveness of all, letting go of the past while rediscovering your true purpose-passion in THIS life.


What is this magic?

 12 Days - All-inclusive retreat initiation experience -

In The New Moroccan-themed Temple -

Eating the best vegetarian foods

Sleeping 1 night in The Cave under the Diamante waterfall

Having one of life’s most Transformational experiences

Change your life forever-

Live and connect with new family and forever friends

Guided by 3 amazing experienced leaders cocreators











Who is this for:

You who are ready to rediscover your role in the New Earth and reconnect to your lives Purpose.

Human beings, teachers, healers, builders, lovers, families, parents, fairies , dragons , wolves , wizards, shamans, bears , goddesses, kings

All Welcome !













Many others have embarked on this journey before, and what they've experienced is beyond words.

Achieve mastery in the art of forgiveness and finally leave the past that no longer serves you behind.

Open your heart and begin living life on your terms, a life of your own creation.

Reclaim your power and embrace your sensuality, allowing your inner light to shine brightly.

Reconnect with the playful spirit of your inner child, where limitless possibilities abound.

Under the cascading waters of the Diamante waterfall, experience rebirth and rejuvenation in the embrace of The Cave.

Craft a one-year written manifesto, grounding your most profound dreams into reality, whether they relate to family, personal growth, or the pursuit of a new million-dollar business plan.

Navigate the shifting tides of family dynamics, separation, or the exciting terrain of a new love life.

Retire from the 'job' and step into doing what you love, not what you 'have to.'

Unlock your 'Heaven Yes' – the boundless energy that propels you toward your loftiest dreams and goals.

Manifest the life you've always envisioned.

Unearth your shamanic abilities.

Meet your soul family, and together, laugh, play, heal, dance, and explore the majestic beaches, mountains, and waterfalls of Costa Rica.

Infuse fun into your healing journey; don't take everything too seriously.

Activate your inner child.

Explore the healing ceremonies of plant medicine within a safe and nurturing environment.

Rewrite the codes of limiting beliefs.

* Secret: The only thing between our dreams being fulfilled in this life, is forgiveness of ourselves and others and recreating any limiting codes.



July 12th to 23rd 2024 

Jan 31st to Feb 12 th 2025 

March 17th to 28 th 2025





MOZen ( Magi of Zen) a Moroccan themed- Jungle experience

overlooking the pacific ocean,

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica!

Your Contribution

Donation opportunity to serve your future self

$1555 all inclusive experience full retreat- initiation experience- bed- amazing food- sleep overnight in the caves of the Diamante waterfall as you re-discover your purpose.

+ 200$ for plant medicine ( abuela ) ceremony

->Experience 100% optional and this will be a very safe space for first time )

This is for Shared Room

+444 for private room

-222 For tent camping experience

Scholarships :

* 1 Local Tico seat in exchange for what you earn in 9 days is what you donate.

* 1 Single parent 50% off

* 1 Tico or CR resident 50% off

* 1 student financial support 50% off.

Energy trade :

* 1 Maga- energy clearing, space set up, alter creation, smudging. Total of 10 hours before and 10 hours during recourse. 50% off donation.

2 * Video foto semi pro. 100 pictures and 4 minute video with 6-10 testimonials. Capture retreat space. 50% off the donation.

22 Mages will be on the journey.

reserve your seat with 50% deposit

PayPal 50% (add country fees on top please).

Text one of us to set up a conversation about your participation in this magic retreat


Merlin +15104354422

Callista +506 8599 6815

Ticon +50689369486


Join us in the jungle connect with your tribe, soul family you’ve been waiting for and see what you find - *fall deeper in Love with yourself and your purpose*

Make 2024 the most Magical year ever! We love you.

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Find your Why - Costa Rica

Find your Why - Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Talk to a wizard

Click to



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Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-93.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-230.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-3.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-27.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-1.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-6.jpg



July 12th to 23rd 2024

Jan 31st to Feb 12 th 2025

March 17th to 28 th 2025

Where :
Mozen- TinaMaste- Diamante Valley- Costa Rica

Why :
You deserve it

Live from the jungle side here in Diamante Valley...

Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-216.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-302.jpg
Find Your Why by Gal Or Studios-17.jpg

I love you 😘 and for all my soul family feeling like a change is coming and you are feeling called to put yourself somewhere special to re-create your inner world to prepare for the next chapters of your life. And what is coming!

This invite is for you and I am always available to have a discovery call 📞

Find Your Why Costa Rica 🇨🇷

“The Vision Quest”

The design of the Find Your Why experience is to “Remember” why you are here and that your life is sacred!

Watch a video of a Find Your Why journey in Costa Rica:

Reconnect to your “Heaven Yes 🙌” passion games that make your heart pump again.

Fully forgive and let go of all negative energy you don’t want to have around you anymore.

Know where your purpose is guiding you.

And how you will get there!

Gain such crystallized clarity of your purpose for being here on Mother Earth 🌍
that it lights up your spirit again.

-Walk your Sage Path-

This journey removes all the blocks and limited beliefs that are NOT you so the Real you can fulfill that dream in this life.

Who is this journey for:

You and 21 other soul family members of yours ready to rediscover your role in the New Earth and reconnect with life’s purpose.

🐻😇🦎 Who’s Joining the journey: your tribe of allies and spiritual warriors, powerful humans, 🏰 village builders, community leaders, retirees, fairies, Bears 🐻, Wizards, Mages 🧙‍♀️, fae, druids, Celts, businessmen and women, fathers, mothers, 👸 goddesses, Kings-Queens, 🧙 shamans, and all else are welcome?

When: July 12 to 23, 2024.

Where: Mozen, a new Moroccan themed Temple secluded in the jungles of Costa Rica, overlooking the ocean in Tinamaste, with a community greenhouse in Diamante 💎 Valley.

See pics

What is included:

* All-inclusive Full mystical jungle life-changing experience, cozy bed, best fresh high vibe custom foods you ever ate, much food is grown on the land with the best water in the world to nourish your body properly.
** Beach 🏝 tropical beach journeys

* Waterfall mystical Hike in and Channel, reEmbody our purpose at a beautiful Costa Rican waterfall

* 🍄 fungi inner child ceremony on an exotic private beach of Costa Rica.
* 👵 alternate ceremony “optional”
* Expand your ability to express through music 🎶 as we practice instruments 🎸 and write ✍ our own life song, singing our destiny into existence.
* Mayan Fire 🔥 Energy release ceremony.
* ♥ Mastery over Forgiveness from ancestral to the present. Bring us back to love 💕
* 😊 bring fun to the healing journey. Don’t take things so seriously 🎠
* Cacao ceremonies (grown in Costa Rica)
* Astro Theta healing sphere experience
* Shamanic journey to the past to “rewrite the story codes” that didn’t serve into manifesting magical spells 🪄

* “Light warrior” initiation, a shamanic ritual that prepares us to walk our true path.
* Connect with your inner child, play, voice laughter. .
* Fire and drum circles.
* 📜 Everyone leaves with a “written manifesto”, a written-scribed creation of what you are creating that is nearest to your heart ♥ “NOW” after all the limits have been burned away: a village, a community project, million-dollar business, a family of your own, your true love to be magnetized, a child, a career shift, retiring into that new thing!
* Anything and everything is available for you out of your completion of the “Find Your Why journey”

The contribution to your future fulfilled is only $1555 for a complete 12-day life-changing experience.

“Heaven yes”, if the spirit has shown you that this is where you’re meant to be visit and register

⚛ We present at Envision and other festivals around the world and now we offer a live-in-person ♌

Other Costa 💲 offerings
💤 Private room or cabin: + $444
🙌 Tent camp - $222
👵 Ceremony $200 optional
💦 Waterfall overnight experience additional $175 based on weather and rains TBD if we sleep over or spend the day

♾ All other ceremonies and Everything else is fully Included♾

* 10 special Seats made

 for those really calling this into their life, in financial NON-abundance
* 2 Local Tico seats 💺 for what you can donate.
* 2 Single parents
* 2 Tico or CR residents
* 2 students part or “full-time”
* 2 family members (mother/father, son/daughter, or any mix.
**requesting financial support please contact us **
(a request to help support the retreat with your time) call 📞 to get clear)

Skilled Support Angels 😇
Energy trade: 25% off your seat cost

* 🧚🏽‍♀️ support angel 1.5 hours a day for the breakfast queen.
🧘‍♀️ Yoga and morning movement practice 90 minutes a day

*😇 support angel or apprentice offering to learn to hold space for transformational gatherings.

Make your dreams a reality by being a Heaven Yes and reserving your seat at

If you have been looking for a place to refocus and connect with your higher self, this is for you.

If you have been looking for a spiritual awakening, this is for you.

If you have not been lit up and inspired by your everyday life and you seek that passion, this is for you.

If you have not been able to manifest the love of your life, this is for you.

If your new business idea and concepts need clarity and focus to go to the next level, this is for you.

If you want to be in a community and meet soul family for life, this is for you.

If you want to have adventures and play with amazing people in Costa Rica, this is for you.

The time is now, if not you then who?

Text one of us to set up a conversation about your participation in this magical retreat
Merlin 🧙‍♂️ +15104354422
Callista 🐉 +506 8599 6815

Or visit

🌀 join us in the jungle 🌴 connect with your tribe, soul family you’ve been waiting for and see what you find - fall deeper in Love with yourself and your purpose

Make 2024 the most Magical 🧙‍♀️ year ever! We love ❤ you.

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